LearnDash and Monday without Zapier

Hi, I’m managing a new learning platform builds on Wordpress through LearnDash. We’re looking for a new CRM and Monday.com shoud be the best choice but with Zapier the price will be prohibitive.
Someone use Monday without Zapier but with another integration?


Welcome Marta!

monday already has a number of built-it integrations including Outlook, Gmail, mailchimp and many others.

If you need to go beyond the built-in integrations, there are MANY options you can consider for adding custom integrations to monday using their API.

I am partial to Make. In my opinion,

  1. It is more powerful than Zapier and roughly half the price.
  2. It is a “no-code/low-code” platform that significantly reduces the overhead required by going the pure programming route.
  3. Many monday users use it. So, there is more help available here in the community group (and my YouTube channel) than with other platforms.

On the downside, Make does not yet have built-in modules to the LearnDash API. However, I have personally integrated a number of platforms that were in the same situation. I do a LOT of work with the monday API and although I do often use the built-in monday modules in MAKE, I just as often make calls directly to the monday API to more fully utilize some of the options.

You can sign up here: Make via The Monday Man

Again, Welcome!

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