Interactive Form Response Viewer to eliminate side-scrolling?

My team often works with large numbers of details on a given item (all on one board for data management reasons). Side-scrolling through columns is challenging.

The Form Response Viewer allows only the viewing of existing data. The Form View only allows the creation of new items and input of their data.

I would like the ability to look at and edit my items in a form view instead of a table view. I would like to be able to create multiple editable forms (based on user subspecialties within a project) that I can create from a filtered view of columns, just like we filter views in tables.

So, basically, I want the current editable table to have the option of my team being able to interact with a form GUI instead. Does anyone else want this? Is this even possible?

It seems to me if the current response field UX were made searchable, and with editable fields, this could make the tables more user-friendly for non techy types. Also, if the viewer return field were wider and a few styling options for the form view were added, it could streamline outputs to the clients as well (using a filter, creating a form, sending a materials list for sign off, for example). One could create a quote template form, or a materials template form, or a procurement template form.

The goal is those forms be able to alter an existing record, rather than just create new ones.