Introducing the new Workspaces navigation dropdown

Indeed the new view is the worst. I hate it! Ridiculous. Every time I go into the drop-down menu, I get angry. Once a month I check one board and then it shows up at the top of recent items from then on. Geez. So stupid. Bring back the ICON view please!


How come the Icon view has disappeared from Monday.labs? I found the icons a lot easier to use as all my workspaces were all accessible at the same time as opposed to having to go into the drop down and select it, also when I use the dropdown it takes me to the workspace homepage and normally I’m going into a different workspace to cross reference information and I’d use the open in a new tab feature and it would just open a new tab with the desired board. Now it takes me into the workspace home page so now I have to open a blank tab and just open a new instance of


This is not a good update–at all! I’d like to see this feature reactivated.

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As a compromise, maybe instead of having a separate Favorites “workspace” your favorited boards could just appear in the drop-down menu? And/or the drop-down menu should let you search for Boards, not just workspaces.


And, to take it a step further, they could add the Favorites icon below the My Work icon. What’s the purpose of having Favorites for easy access, if we can’t easily access it? :exploding_head: #FixItMonday


Hello All

Totally agree - removing the icons only slows down access and productivity time.
Why would you remove something that causes no issues what so ever.

Always one step forward three steps back with Monday it seems.


Same! Would really like to have the icons back! @Ayelet