Reorder Workspaces

It would be super helpful to be able to re-order the workspaces similarly to how we can reorder boards and folders.

Right now, we’ve having to add random numbers (or letters, like a z) as a prefix to our work-spaces to get them in the right order. It’s just messy for the team to look at.

Seems like a pretty simple feature that would be incredibly helpful to have added.

Hi @zach1,

Aviram here the Product Manager of the team responsible for Workspaces at This is definitely coming in addition to a major improvement in Workspace navigation. Stay tuned exciting stuff will be rolled out in the next few weeks!

Appreciate the feedback



@avirampm Has this been deployed? I would love to be able to reorder workspaces. What are the other parts of the “major improvement in Workspace navigation”? I would love to be able to see the workspace name on the left without having to hover. Thanks for any updates you have!



Hi @SyncariB,

First of all, in the next day or so we will deploy the ability to remove and add the workspace icons, that potentially help with ‘tiding up’ the left pane. Full customisable reorder is on the plan also but it will take more time as it requires refactoring of the code.

Have a nice weekend!