Arange workspaces

I’m often amazed by the functionalities of monday but sometimes also suprised what simple features are not available.
I want to arrange workspaces according to a certain logic. E.g. several workspaces relevant for one area of work should be underneath each other. However, rearranging workspaces is not possible which was already a bit annoying. “Alright I give them numbers that’ll do” I thought. Arriving at 10 something strange happened and 10 jumped to the very top. Monday does not read 10 but 1-0 which apparently is smaller than 1. Now I have to name all workspaces from 00-99. Please, can you work something out for that? I would love to have a drag and drop arranging option for example.


I can definitely share you frustration with something like Workspaces missing the ability to be organized. I would imagine its a constant struggle for Monday, trying to determine how much of a feature to “complete” before releasing relative to the need for the feature. Workspaces I’m sure were a highly requested feature before implementation, but yes they could use some more basic features for sure.

What you are experiencing with the “10” is actually very common with folder name sorting logic, not specific to Monday. As you’ve discovered it reads the first character, so 00 would need to be your first one in the meantime. There have been some other threads requesting this but I’m not sure I’ve seen an ETA on it. It might be a more complicated restructuring in order to achieve the desired results.