Missing Sub-sub-folders to better organize Monday.com

I’m looking for a way to better organize the left panel in Monday. I know a few years ago, the team added the ability to support sub-folders, but was wondering why sub-sub-folders were not implemented.

This is extremely important to be able to organize Monday or it becomes a big mess which often pushes people away from the product.

Will this be supported in the near future?

Hey Payton!

Charlotte here with the monday team!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It is definitely a highly requested feature!

We usually suggest that you utilize workspaces more as “folders” then so your folders can be what you would usually put in sub-folders, and then “sub-sub folders” would be the sub-folders. Is this possible in your use case or would it not work?

In the meantime, it would be worth adding this request or upvoting a similar one here in the Community’s feature requests page.

Let us know your thoughts!

Thank you for the response, Charlotte! Unfortunately, that would not work for our business model (many subsidiaries) and we eventually plan to migrate everything over to Monday.