Creating subgroups in Monday projects

My company is trying to use Monday for project management, including creating dependencies between items.
The main difficulty we encountered is Monday’s limited ability to create groups within groups. The subitems does not support all integrations and it only allows you to go down to one level. In complex projects there are many levels, we would like it to be possible to create subgroups so that it would be possible to “shrink” the subgroup and see a summary of each group (as you see today when you shrink a certain group). We try to overcome the problem by creating “tags” or colors, but this is an inconvenient solution.
The option for subgroups is something that Monday will provide soon? I saw that it was something that had a demand.

@sharon_2255 I couldn’t agree more with your point, this is basic/fundamental functionality that you would expect as an option in a programme/project management tool. I posted something similar albeit with a different title on the community board - Group Hierarchies - Feature feedback / Board Building Blocks - monday Community. Whilst there are workarounds these are inefficient when compared to other products in the market, and I can’t imagine this is a difficult feature to crack


Hi @sharon_2255,
same problem, our “solution” is by specific naming. So our first “level” is D1-X, second is D1.1-X, third is D1.1.1-X, forth is D1.1.1.1-X. We start Monday-Subgroups on secound level.

(“D” because of the phase “definition” within the project, so same go on for all other project phases, “P” planning… and so on)

It works, but if u wanna have automations based on the sub-level, u have to use a status column for the definition of the level additional.

~ Silas :smiling_face:

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I completely agree with you. I believe that it will enter Monday’s development in the future. Meanwhile I would like to hear how you in the company deal with this issue? Maybe he’ll give us some ideas.

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We take two approaches. Firstly, we create columns to indicate the Team/SubTeam in our case, whilst retaining Groups to break down the major phases of the programme. Once done we create Views from the main board for each relevant Team, this allows us to use Groups to summarise their overall performance, and this also allows the relevant planners to jump-in and start working/analysing their key items.
Whilst useful, this doesn’t allow us to create a summarised view for mngmt (4-5 major phases is insufficient). We therefore create a summary board which uses connected boards and mirror columns to roll-up data to the required sub-level. The downside to both these solutions is that you need to maintain a number of column values for new items.

An alternative is to use separate boards and then use Dashboard GANTT views to combine the data, but then you run into problems with dependencies (the fun never stops).

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Thank you!
We also tried the second solution, but as you said, it’s problematic when there are dependencies. Let’s hope that Monday will release a simpler and better solution for this

I want to see improved grouping as well. Even just folders within groups, SOMETHING to offer additional organization to keep items together. It’s very limited for project management, which they advertise as being a use case.


Same problem here… this is frustrating

Hello @BiancaT , hello @Julietteb ,
Do you have informations for this important feature?
For project management, it’s very important to have more organization (have a look at Zoho Project for example).
Thank you