Hierarchy levels

We have relatively complex projects that we manage in Monday.com. As they are one project we want to manage these on one board however we are limited to two levels of hierarchy. This seems a strange limitation as most project management software allows you to create as many levels as you want.
If Monday.com did cross board dependencies well then you could manage this via multiple boards but we don’t have this option either. Hence additional hierarchy levels would be useful

Hi @Jessie_Plumpton - if you stored all of your tasks in a single board for all projects utilizing a master board technique you could set cross project/board dependencies. This still allows for individual project boards, just all the columns are mirrored from the master board.

This could be a possible solution. Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss further.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the suggestion but wouldn’t this mean we had to enter all our tasks on the one ‘master’ board and then pull them through to the individual project boards? This would then mean all the project teams need to work across two boards which would be confusing and an additional step for them

Hi @Jessie_Plumpton - actually the other way around. The tasks would originate in the individual boards and sent to the master board.

The task content is mirrored from the master board down to the project boards so people can work from either the Project board or the Master board with no duplication of effort.


Ok so tasks entered in individual project boards then mirror to master board. Dependencies set in Master board and then reflected back to individual boards?

Hi @Jessie_Plumpton - The task originates in the individual board, is sent to the the master board and the details are mirrored from the master down to the individual boards. Dependencies are a bit of a limitation with this setup as dependency columns cannot be mirrored. The way we have built around this is to have the second date column local (either Date or Timeline) on the individual boards and that change the master board date column on change. This way your due dates stay in sync between the boards and you can still use dependencies locally.

It’s a bit difficult to explain but its possible.