New to Monday - Are there really no cross board dependency features that work with automations?

Hi, I am new to Monday and I was disappointed to read that there is no cross board dependency features that works with automations (Hopefully I read wrong information). As a residential real-estate developer I have 13 houses under construction - each house has essentially the same stages (give or take small variations) of construction. Obviously, since they all have different deadlines, I can’t just create a board with all my stages and link multiple projects to each task - as a result, I have made one board where my groups = Project, Task = stage, Subtask = Process. I would really like to know if I am structuring this correctly as I don’t want to expand on this just to find out that my structure has disabled me from taking advantage of other features monday has to offer. I have noticed Monday is lacking certain subtask features (but they say improvements are coming shortly).

Please let me know if anyone has a better method.

Hi Ryan - welcome to the community! We are a certified partner and one of our primary areas of focus is real estate, including new construction and property management.

While your initial question was around cross-board dependencies, based on the other information you have shared I believe there are some other approaches you can take to build out your workflows that would better organize your process and maximize use of available features.

Please go ahead and schedule a free consultation with me using the link below and I can talk you through some of the options and share some examples.


PS - we are also running a webinar on June 17 focused on Digitizing Real Estate so be sure to join that to see how others in real estate are using - see sign up below: