I keep coming back here hoping to make a workflow...work for me

Use: commercial real estate redevelopment project management

Simplified Example: Sign a lease for a coffee shop for Suite A. To do this, we must complete a marketing effort, negotiate a lease with a prospect, construct the coffee shop (each a milestone).

Desire: I desire to be able to track the progress of individual projects/milestones within the goal of signing a lease for a coffee shop on a dashboard

Attempt 1: At first, I put all the tasks for the marketing effort, lease negotiation, and construction on one board, each in their own group. The good thing about this was that I could make dependencies across group. For example, you can’t sign a lease until you identify a prospect from the marketing effort. The bad thing about this approach is that none of the dashboard widgets for tracking progress (eg battery, overview) can track the progress of the individual phases/milestones. It can only track the progress of everything on that board as far as I can tell.

Attempt 2: I created a separate board for each of the phases/milestones. This allows me to easily see progress for each milestone on the dashboard. However, this really doesn’t work because you cant create dependencies from one board to another [which is an incredible hole in this software!)

Please: tell me if I am missing something. Are there any integrations that can create dependencies across boards? Are there any better ways of tracking progress of a certain milestone within a larger project (especially if those milestones have interdependent tasks).

I’ve been testing monday.com for years, and using it for about four months now, and I constantly run into this issue of not being able to build the workflow that my team needs because the automations just don’t do enough, or don’t exist at all. My feeling is that this platform is only half finished, and it’s been this way for a couple of years.


I’m am going to take a look at smart sheets. Do you have any experience with that? I wanted to like Asana, but there are also simple things there that cant be done which are shocking.

I want to like Monday so much, but it keeps letting me down.

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We have Smartsheet at our firm. It’s a pretty amazing tool that we use for just about everything.
I tried building a team-based project management tool in Smartsheet, but it wasn’t able to meet my needs for templated projects that have the same tasks assigned to the same people, which monday.com accomplishes via automations.

However, just today, I’ve decided to invite our firm’s internal Smartsheet experts to view our monday.com setup to see if they can reproduce all of its functionality in Smartsheet. If they can (and I’m starting to think it’s actually possible, based on all of the workarounds I’ve had to do), we’ll switch back to Smartsheet later this year and cancel our account here before it renews.

One thing I don’t like about smart sheets is that you cannot have cross sheet dependencies similar to how Monday does not have cross board dependencies.

Have you tried a high-level overview, with your dependencies here, and lower-level boards for tracking progress?