Group Hierarchies

I would like to see the availability of Group hierarchies to allow aggregated/nested views of tasks using the existing board items (essentially virtual roll-ups of data). Whilst we can sometimes find workarounds for this basic feature that is available in all other programme planning tools e.g. using saved Views based on column values, GANT charts to combine boards etc; when trying to plan large programmes this becomes a serious issue. If you need to report level 1 of a plan to a senior executive you have to create summarised/mirror boards which can be a pain to maintain, or if you have this for your groups you lose Level 2-4 detail in a never ending flat list of tasks running to 100s of items.

Whilst sub-items have their place in the Monday solution and are useful, they aren’t fully integrated with the items in the main board (creating data aggregation problems) and only provide 1 additional level of reporting which is not sufficient.

It would be good to know if this is already on the product roadmap or alternatives (excl 3rd party apps) that community members have used to get around this limitation.