Displaying items in multi-level hierarchy

I am trying to use Monday to build a multi platform content plan that also includes financial management.

I’ve succeeded with many areas of what I need to do to manage work but I’m stuck on something I thought would be simple. I can’t display the plan effectively.

I need to achieve something like the attached. It’s a simple version for a newsletter. Sometimes we need to see several platforms with dozens of items and flexible date ranges. I thought grouping would be a no-brainer to present this data, but I had no idea Monday groups are not dynamic.

How can I present a lot of items in a way that is easy to browse? Are there reporting add ons? Are there some tricks of the trade that will get me by?


            Platform subcategory 


Hi @Davmon ,

How many boards are we talking about? Depending on your license level, you can connect 10(Pro)/50(Ent) boards to a dashboard, and would be able to use the table widget on the dashboard to show the different data.

teameasy@easy-mondays.com - happy to further discuss your requirements and help you figure out best approach!

Team Easy :slight_smile: