Introducing the new Workspaces navigation dropdown

Hi everyone!
We are super-excited to share with you our new Workspaces navigation experience!
You can now navigate easily between Workspaces via the NEW Workspace Navigation Dropdown , where you can find all the Workspaces that you recently visited as well as search for any Workspace available in the account!
Just click on the Workspace Name at the top > See the new dropdown menu? This is it! Now go ahead and navigate to a Workspace!
To enable it in your account, go to monday.labs and activate “Workspace Dropdown Navigation”!



Here’s a video clip showing the difference and how to enable/disable it - New Workspace dropdown navi...


Would it be possible to either favorite workspaces and/or pin workspaces in addition to having “recent workspaces”?

Thank you for the update and for addressing the icon workspace navigation.

Hey @DTCSC we will consider it!

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Hi @Ayelet

This is such a great improvement, job well done. One thing that might even further enhance it. When you switch workspace the open board remains open (which probably live in the workspace I just left). Is it possible to open the first board in the workspace visited whenever I open that workspace by the dropdown? Or even better: give us the ability to define which board is the “default” board to open when entering a workspace.

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Thanks for the suggestion @basdebruin, we will consider it

Love this idea. Would be super handy.

Really like this idea as well!

@Ayelet thank you for looking into both!

Can’t we just have the original, full workspace listing back? This is way too many clicks to get to where you want to go. This is not an improvement. It is unfortunately another failed design attempt. You tried something and it failed. Own it and make it right.

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I am sadly not a fan of this either.
It requieres way more clicks than before to navigate inbetween workspaces. On top of that, not all workspaces are shown at first, so in order to get to some bords I will also need to type the name (or click a few more times to get to all boards). I will also always need to read the names of the bords in order to figure out which one to click, since their position changes each time.
I know these are small complaints and the new design only takes a bit more time, but it is a frustration and an unnecessary one at that.
Keeping both options (as it is now) would be perfectly fine but please don’t get rid of the current version. Even keeping the old one where all workspaces and bords were in one tab was so much easier to navigate.

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@Ayelet? Where do we stand with this debacle?