Sort folders that are in a Workspace

Does anyone know how to sort folders that are in a Workspace besides clicking and dragging the folder to the ordered destination you want it in, or if there is a way to drag a folder without having every folder you pass over open to all of the boards inside of it?

We recently had to add/edit/delete multiple folders, so now I must reorganize all of the updated folders in alphabetical order, in which I am finding very difficult as each folder has 8 boards each.

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Hey @mmcpherson!

I’ve tested this behaviour on my end, and was able to freely drag/drop the folders without any of the boards opening within each folder. Is this still occurring on your end? If so, I’d advise reaching out to our support team via incase this might be a bug :pray:

If you have a lengthy list of folders in one workspace, especially if there is nesting, drag and drop is clunky, buggy, and slow. Alphabetize functionality exists natively on any new board being created - would it be so hard to add it to folder organization?