Workspace - Sort folders and subitems alphabetically asc/desc

I would like to ask Monday Team to implement a new feature that sets on WORKSPACE the folders and the subitems alphabetically asc/desc.
Thank you.

Hey @GabrielB.

Whilst the sort won’t apply for subitems as they sit within the specific board, you are able to sort the workspace alphabetically, which includes folders, boards and dashboards -

Let me know if this helps!

Hi! I dont have that feature to click and sort.

Hello Bianca,

thanks for your answer, but don’t help me too much in this case. The option described I saw that is there, but only for parent level as you said.
Do you think that in the future can be implemented also for subitems/child levels to sort?
Consider that subitems have a lot of items into more than the parent one.

Thank you.

Hey Mel!

Can you please send me a private message with your email so I can check this in your account? :pray:

It is definitely feedback I can share internally! Please submit a feature request too so that it can get greater visibility and votes to increase the potential for development :pray:


Thank you,