Is it possible to carry the subscribers from a template board into a new board using automations?

Hi, i created automation:

When status changes something, create a new board and notify someone.

My Template has 4 board members, but when status changes and the template is copied, there is only one member. What I am doing wrong? Why I don’t see 4 board members in new board?

Hi @EvaldasV! Welcome to the community, thanks for posting this question :slight_smile:

What you’re experiencing is expected behavior. When creating board from a template, whether it’s from the templates center or via automation, the subscribers from the templated board will not carry over.

If you choose to duplicate a board, you will have the option to duplicate and keep subscribers, however, this is not available via automation.


I hope this helps in clarifying the supported functionality. Please let me know if you have any questions!

But why there is not this option in automation? Because there is no option like this , i dont want use automation.


It would be great if “duplicate board” was available as an action in custom automations. Hopefully it will be soon.

Until then, the API mutation duplicate_board will duplicate a board and allow you to keep board subscribers.

One way to to use this would be to set up a webhook integration to call an Integromat scenario. Based on the description of your situation, that’s what I would do.

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