Is it possible to start a time tracking from a external event?

Hi everyone I am new working with automatizations

I want to start a time tracking from an external event, for instance from my cellphone or another device; do you know if it is possible to do?

Thank you in advance.

hi @jdjbarrios welcome to the community!

this is definitely possible, but what kind of event are you thinking?
if you are just trying to start time tracking from your phone there is a mobile app that you could utilize. But if you are thinking of starting from sending a different app take a look at this list of ‘integrations’ integrations for apps that are natively supported.
some that can be triggered from your phone: twilio, slack.

Hope that helps!

Thank you!! I am going to take a look into the integrations as you said my idea is to trigger that event from another app, for example from a rapsberry that when i push a button that event start the time tracking, is it possible? or what kind of integration do you recommend?


The monday API does not currently allow start/stop of time-tracking columns. The only way to start/stop automatically is to use automations. I would recommend using a status column as the control, since they are the most fully utilized in automations.

I’m interested to hear how you get this to work. I have been looking at doing something similar.

The route that I was looking to go was to use Integromat as the connector. I would send a webhook to Integromat and update the status columns to trigger the start/stop from there.

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