Is there a dashboard widget for deadline stats on completed items?

I really like the deadline mode option. I like how it shows if a task was completed on-time or late. However, I don’t want to look at each line item. Is there a widget or other way to represent in a dashboard how many items were completed on-time or late? If so, can it be broken down further by assignee?


Hi @traveler - you can use a numbers or chart widget and filter the board on the deadline column to visualize only the items you want to see.

In the above - the Done on Time number widget is filtered by Due Date > Done on time, while the other is filtered by Due Date > Done Overdue

The bar graph is using Resource as X-axis and counting the number of tasks filtered by Due Date > Done on Time. You could duplicate this graph for the multiple completion types.

If you wanted a stacked bar graph by resource by completion type (on time, late) you would need to get creative with an additional text/status column to set when a task is marked as complete if it was done on time or late, as you cannot stack by “deadline”.

Hope this helps!

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Excellent! Thanks Mark!