Is there a way to automate the selection for a mirrored board?

I want to use a mirrored board like a vlookup from another board, since it looks like vlookup is not currently supported in the formula columns. So, I am trying to get my board to automatically look for the name of a person in two boards, and mirror the value, rather than having to manually do all of that myself. Is there a way to do this? Most of the connected boards automations seem to create a new line, but that is not what I am trying to do, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

To better explain:

Board 1:
Working board that will have requests and a person attached to the request. I want to make sure that each person automatically has their ID in another column. Normally, I would use another excel page as a reference and vlookup off of that to do this.

Board 2:
Reference board.
Has every person’s name and ID. I do not want this board to change at all, just to be used to pull the ID when a person is selected for an item in Board 1.

hi @DariusDevitt

Welcome to the community. I think this is the one which is closet to kind of vllokup:

However, it still triggers on item creation (not on changing the “key”). The Match Index Column app does simulate the Excel MATCH-INDEX (which is a better version of Excel vLookup). The app can be found here: Apps Marketplace. This app does not use mirror columns but “real” columns which can be used in other automations. It will update the index value in the target board when:

  • the “key” (match) in either the target or the source changes
  • the index value in the source changes

It supports multiple source boards to the same target board. When duplicate keys are found in the source board the index value in the target board will be blanked.

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