Is there a way to create a project properties dashboard?

Is it at all possible to create a project dashboard that automatically populates basic project information entered in a Work Form? I’d like to create a default project dashboard that describes the project, who the sponsor is, who the project manager is, etc but I can’t seem to find a way to get it to work.

This describes the overall workflow I’m trying to achieve. The 4th step is where I’m stuck…
1 - Someone enters a project request Work Form which contains basic project information. (Picture 1)
2 - The item/project request status eventually gets vetted & status = approved which kicks off an automation to… (Picture 2)
3 - Create a new project from a template (Picture 3)
4 - The project dashboard is prepopulated with the information that was entered in the project request form. (Picture 4)

Project Description - Long Text
Project Goals - Long Text
Recommended Approach - Long Text
Project Sponsor - People
Project Manager - People
Project Budget - Number

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