Is there a way to get values from monday widgets?

I would like to read the values from two number widgets on a dashboard and display the sum of those values with another widget (which would have to be custom). Is there currently a way (using GraphQL queries or the monday SDK) for me to get the value a numbers widget is displaying?

I’ve seen another topic somewhat similar to this one, requesting the ability to do math within dashboards but there hasn’t been much activity on the subject other than users expressing how desirable the feature would be.

Here’s a link to that topic for those that are interested: Math within dashboards

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Dashboards widget basicly read boards data.
The question is wether you have the code of the widget or not.
If yes, just look it up and build it into your custom widget.
If no, you could figure out what it is displaying.
For example if it’s displaying the value of a column, just use the GraphQL query to filter the value.

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Hey @TMNXT-Dev, thanks!

This is good to hear, I was hoping it would be possible. Would you perhaps be able to point me in the right direction of how I would accomplish that?

I can get the IDs of the widgets using development settings in monday (and create settings for those values so that a user can specify those) but I’m not sure how I would take the ID of a widget and use that to get the number it’s displaying to a client. I’ve tried to find some documentation on it but haven’t been successful thus far. Also, I think recreating the filter to get the number would be too time consuming, as we’re filtering 20+ boards, so I’m hoping I can just grab the sum after it’s been calculated by a regular numbers widget as you suggest.

Hey @sam-ads,

sorry, I probably explained that wrong. You missunderstood me in terms of values and widgets.

Let’s get down to some examples:

Case 1:
In case you have your own custom widget, you probably have the logic you custom widget is working with.
So you could use/alter this logic to build another widget/board view/integration etc. to do what you intend to do with the value you are looking for.

Case 2:
In case it’s not your widget, it gets tricky.
As long as values you are looking for are just simple projection of column-values. You can use GraphQL to filter those values and build an app which does what you want to do.
In case it’s not some simple read of boards data. Well yes I’m sorry to say that, you have to find your own solution to get this values.

Case 3:
This is probably what you understood.
If the widget displays data and saves that value somewhere you have access to, you can use that value.

Widgets in general are apps on their own as you know yourself, so it depends on developer, if he/she wants to share the logic or the values.
And excuse me please, that I described it so easily. It’s not in most cases.

Wish you some great holidays by the way.


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