Formulas within dashboards

The ability to have serval widgets within a dashboard is incredibly useful. However one thing that could be a game changer is the creating a math widget that combines other widgets. For example: one widget shows sales, the next shows volume, the last one shows how many customers were spoken with. By combining these numbers you could get really useful info such as sales percentage, cash per guest, clients lost percentage. There are hundred of examples to why this would be useful. The formula column is great but is very limiting to the fact you can only use numbers with the same row and that makes getting percentages and averages hard.


Hi @Miltime19

Happy you’re loving the dashboards :100: I am thinking about how could we perform your suggestion in-app :exploding_head: The widgets import data from boards, so technically it would be natural to make the changes and the calculations on the boards, whereas the widget would just reflect the results (Reporting is the main purpose for widgets and dashboards) :receipt:
When using the Numbers widgets on formula columns, you can get a sum/average of the whole column. However, was there a function that you cannot achieve by using the Formula and the Numbers widget? I’d love to see whether I can help!

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Yes, the ones that I listed. Just getting the total columns is limiting. In the formula or total how would you get sales divided by customers? You can take away a number meaning if there are 6 clients with only 5 spots left there’s no way to automate an alert saying there’s only 5 left because the formula only relates to the individual row.

@Miltime19 - I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve :thinking:

When you want to combine the widgets in the dashboards, what will the end result be? Can you give me an example?

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If you had a widget that showed how many total customers were seen. Then you had another widget that showed how many of those clients purchased ( total sales) . Then the third widget would have total sales widget divided by the total customers widget giving you a closing percentage

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Hey @Miltime19

I see what you mean! Though I will submit this feature to our product team to consider adding it to our roadmap for Dashboard, in the meantime, let me know if you are looking to accomplish a specific workflow on I’d love to help out :innocent:

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+1 for this feature :slight_smile:

In our case, we have:

  • A board with multiple groups, recording sales by type
  • A board recording lost sales

We have a dashboard that has a number widget that sums up all groups to give us the total figure. E.g. Product 1 (group) = £10, Product 2 (group) = £20, therefore total sales = £30. And the same for business lost, for example, total lost = £3.

It would be extremely useful to be able to calculate those two dashboard widgets as a %, so the ‘Lost Business’ widget would report 10%.

There isn’t an easy way to do this in boards and it doesn’t justify the mess of an entire board. The ability to calculate %s is so important to reporting.

Thanks guys!



I find myself wanting the ability to do math within Dashboards more and more.


+1 for this feature!

We have KPI’s and are trying to calculate a percentage based on totals for certain columns compared to others.


this would be a game changer for us the ability to do it on the dashboard would be #1 but even just being able to divide the total of one numbers column against another would be amazing!

+1 for the feature!!! (BTW its not enough to write it, you need to CLICK the VOTE button on the top of this page for your +1 to apply)

When was courting us - we were promised that this feature would be available first Q419 and then Q120. Still I haven’t seen any updates on this. We sorely need this for our reporting.

There is definitely a big demand for such a feature. I don’t see this in your roadmap. Why is that?

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+1 on this - we need calculations on dashboards, too!

+1 - The inability to SUM a chosen column in reporting makes it borderline useless for reporting

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Bump… any updates on formulas in dashboards?

Bump #2

Still waiting on this. Our leadership is waiting for this feature so we can upgrade to enterprise. Please make it happen soon.

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Bump… this feature would be extremely useful for reporting

Bump! I would love this feature!

Hi @ElenaK @sam-ads @Emil

While we wait for monday to implement that, as a workaround I would like to mention that the Reports by Screenful add-on can do calculations based on sums of columns, and combine data from multiple boards into a formula (disclosure: I’m the founder). You can learn more about this feature from this article.

You can find the Reports by Screenful add-on at the marketplace:

Hi Sl1nna,

That is interesting. I looked at your website and I am bit confused. Could we maybe have a demo call where you could take me through how to use it?

By the way, before I add this to our account, we have to vet this addon for security reasons. If you are able to have a demo call, it will have to be using your account.


Hi Emil, I can certainly show a demo. You can book a time slot using this link: