Summarization of multiple items' subitems data in Dashboards

Hi everyone,

I am building a workspace to manage an audit process and have a set of questions that each have a factor value, so a simple formula of {Result}*{Factor} was created.

Everything is fine until this point, but when I created a Dashboard to summarize the results, I tried to used the average function to be able to obtain the average of each week’s results, but the information that I obtain is just the total result divided between the number of questions.

(Number of questions 13)

I need to be able to summarize the results for each audit, monthly and YTD, for each profile and for each area, the first one is not an issue since I can just create a widget with the filter of each profile, but the problem begins when I need to summarize the data from an area since the options are only to sum the results of all the results.

Does anyone have come across a similar issue?

Thank you!!

Hey Maria!

Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

I am wondering if perhaps utilizing another formula column to calculate the exact average you’re looking for would be helpful here. You can bring in the formula column as a Numbers Widget or in the Chart Widget as you already did in this example.

If this doesn’t quite meet your needs, we’d love to better understand how you have your numbers and formula columns set up in the boards being brought into this Dashboard so please feel free to reach out to us so we can chat further!