Sum-If formula on Sub-Items

I have a list of sub-items on my board.
Each sub-item has its own Income/Outcome amount and there’s also column is I/O Type classifying the Income/Outcome as Outcome or Income.

Since I understand that there’s is no out of the box option to make a dashboard based directly sub-items,
I’d like to have a formula on the parent line that will show the only the sum of the outcome lines.

Is there such formula?

hi @Jan1

Welcome to the community! You can’t do such a thing with formulas (as you already discovered) and summing the subitems to a parent has 2 disadvantages in your case:

  • the sum will add ALL subitem values (no filtering)
  • the sum in the parent will be a mirror type (not a number) and can’t be used in a dashboard

You could use this app that allows you to sum the subitem values into a parent item with:

  • filtering based on dropdown column in subitem (not status yet)
  • the parent item column type is a normal monday number column

There is a full instruction video (starting at 16:20) here.