Subitem sumarize to parent item

I am doing a cost calculation. I want to use the function to summarize the cost from subitem to parent item. Afterwards I am not able to manual put the cost in the parent column for the item taht do not have have subitem. Does anyone know how can I do it in another way?


hi @Jingjue

We have just released an app called Rollup Subitems that summarizes subitem data to the parent item using normal monday columns. Now you can use the same column in the parent to either summarize the subitems or enter data directly (if there aren’t any subitems). It can even do filtering and supports customizable RAG (Red Amber Green) columns. More info (including the installation link is to be found here).

The app will be submitted to the marketplace soon.

Enjoy the trial period.



Bas’s apps are great. Rollup Subitems should give you exactly what you are looking for.

To do this without an additional app, you could make sure that every item has a subitem OR add two additional columns… 1) for item level costs and 2) a formula to combine the subitem summary and item level cost.

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Thank you Bas, I will check it out.

Thank you, that is very helpful