Formulas within dashboards

It’s done.

Thanks and see you tomorrow.

Would love this feature!

Definitely needed for our reporting.

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+1 for this feature.

We are trying to receive KPIs from our boards and we are missing the relation between 2 or more items . For example - sales conversion rate, I can see how many leads we contacted with I can say how many of them booked our product but I’m not able to present the sales rate. there are many more examples for this usage…

  • 1 - this feature is really needed. you cannot do the work around when you filter results by date in the in the widget. Also remove the requirement of whole numbers / no decimals please it throws off our tracking of sales and we cannot use the system to reconcile sales to make sure they were all entered.

Hi @jweidman - You’ll be pleased to hear that Advanced Filters for Dashboards that let you do this are coming! The feature is in very early beta testing with select Partners, check it out - Screen Recording 2021-06-05...

No ETA yet on when it will be available in monday labs, but it is coming soon and will dramatically improve how you can explore your data in Dashboards.

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Massive +1 for this feature. Any idea when this will be available? It looks like it has been in the offing for a long time now.

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anything? +1
really necessary!

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Bumped. I’m really struggling to do any reporting easily on the dashboards without the ability to take specific columns references and do a basic subtraction, etc.
For example, if I want to track where we are with a budget $X, and invoiced $Y and I want to have a number widget on the dashboard I can grab saying “This is invoiced, and this is underway”, having no ability to do X-Y is super annoying. Formulas in the board aren’t helpful, as they map to all tasks which confuses others who view the board.

The post had been 2 years. I bumped to the same situation.

Was using facebook campaigns integration. so that all data was pulled from facebook to Monday for automated reporting.

I could not make these function in my dashboard reporting
ROAS : [Total Sales from all column] / [ Total ads spent from all ads]
CR : [ Total closed Leads] / [ Total Leads Earned from Facebook]

It would be super helpful if we can do formula in Dashboard, or other work-arounds. Even if paid.


Also bumping this, it would still be useful. Especially for budgeting dashboards where we pull info from multiple data sources or boards, it would be very helpful to be able to be able to, in a dashboard widget, display:

  • A sum of the incurred costs
  • A sum of the projected costs
  • The total percent of the budget that has been utilized (this is the part we are missing right now)
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This is severely needed!
Incredibly limiting to only rely on the predefined reporting mechanisms within dashboards. Need to be able to add basic arithmetic functionality to generate our own widgets is dashboards.

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Got stuck on this ages ago. Came back, still an issue.

Yes please!

Using formulas in the dashboard is a MUST HAVE.
I’m so surprised this is not availble on Monday.
We are using Monday for tracking vacation rentals. In the board, there is a booking, number of nights, and total amount paid for the booking. We want to show in the dashboard average price per night for all bookings.
And we don’t want to pay extra $50 for an app. This should be trivial on Monday.

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This is an elementary need that should have been addressed long ago. Formulas within dashboards is a must for anyone building executive reports.

This functionality really needs to be available. We are looking to switch to Monday from Salesforce, but the lack of reporting capabilities is holding us back