Is there a way to see historical User login / view activity?

Hi - I know how to see the latest user login view and wondered if there was a way to see historical login activity?

We have a user that hasn’t logged in for a while, but since they just recently logged in, its now hard to tell how often they’re logging in.


Hi @brianwbates - I am not aware of a way to get historical login information? This may be something you could ask if they can extract this information on your behalf, however it wouldn’t be an automated solution…


Hi @brianwbates

Thanks for your question!

We do offer an Audit Log feature at the Enterprise level, which allows you to report on user data, like logins and various interactions with the platform.
You can export this data from the platform or monitor it using our API:

At the Enterprise level you can also see session data and set session duration.
This would allow you to see session data as in the example below (please note the IP address & location has been redacted in the screenshot for privacy):

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Hi, @brianwbates - If @Dani’s reply has you intrigued and wanting to learn more about the Enterprise plan, feel free to reach out for a personalized demo. You and I exchanged emails early in 2021 - would love to reconnect and help you explore if Enterprise is right for you at Lively Root! :slight_smile:

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