Usage Stats on Viewers and more usage stats on members.

Our organization relies heavily on viewer accounts. Executives are coming to the account to view various dashboards. We would really like to be able to see who is viewing what, when and how often for both members but especially for Viewer accounts. This would give us valuable information to increase uptake and promote longevity of the platform. Here are some ideas of what we’d be looking for:

  • How many viewers have logged in to our by day, week, month
  • How many viewers are looking at the dashboards on the homepage?
    • can this be more specific, # of viewers per dashboard?
    • can we find out who the viewers are?
  • How many viewers are looking at unlocked workspaces?
    • which workspaces and how many viewers?
    • can we find out who the viewers are?
  • How many forms are being filled out per month?
    • of times a form is filled out

    • of forms being filled out

On the Current Usage Stats Page:
Under Overview:
* can we add, number of viewers and guests added to the account
* can there be a drill down to show the name of the person and if they are in a team

Under Active Users:
* can their be a drill down where we can see who is active, on which days and have a filter so we can filter by team

Under Features used by % of active users | Last 30 days:
* can we add drill downs in this bar chart to know
* which automations are being used
* which board views are being used
* can we add widgets being used in dashboards

Tab - Advanced
Top Creators

  • can this section be divided between members, guests and viewers?
  • Can we drill down on the viewers to see their actions?

Thanks - Kari M