Is there a way to use dependency automations to ensure a due date is X amount of days after a start date?

Hi, I currently have a use case in Monday where members of our team are assigned to work but the start date may not be until weeks in the future. I want to use the dependency automations to ensure the due date for the work is a set amount days after the start date dependant on what work is to be carried out (this would need be based on the specific columns that the work is in). I can get it to push the due date to be after the start but by default it only does this by one day, has anyone any ideas on how to introduce a set amount of days to how far it will push the due date?

hi @KieranBiscoe

The out-of-the-box monday dependency automations do not support lead or lag times. From what I understand you want to have a lag (in days) with a Start-Start dependencie.

Our partner Work Perfect has an app SchedulerPro that support this. The app is in the process of getting listed at the monday marketplace. You can express your interest by using this form here . The contact person for this amazing app is @Kimb

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