Setting date push for the same number of days as in the "dependent on" task

Hi guys,
I’ve just made a board with a workflow of one process in our company. The thing is, some of the tasks are dependent on the others’ due dates. I’ve tried making a dependency and setting an automation for a date change, but I haven’t found an option of pushing one task due date for the same number of days as the previous task in the workflow. Is it even possible?
For example, for my first task, Task 1, I set the date for the 5th of August and for the second task my standard time is 3 days after Task 2, so I put August, 8th. Two weeks after task 2 i have task 3 set. Now I had to move the task 1 to the 10th of August and I’d like the deadline for task 2 and task 3 to be set accordingly (so +5 days on both tasks - and it would be perfect to set it on Workdays, if possible). Do you know if I can create such an automation?

Thank you so much!


This automation does exactly that:

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