Work-Back Schedule

Hi all,

I’m currently working on building a work-back schedule that will be used as a template for our business group. What I’m looking to do is have a standard set of items that are required for a project (e.g.: user’s guides, communications, videos, etc.) and then determine due dates based on the targeted launch date of the project.

Each item will be dependent upon either the targeted launch date, or the activity that needs to be completed before it. What I want to have happen is when the targeted launch date is set, it sets the date column of each dependency item on the board to a set number of days before the targeted launch date (and then any items dependent upon an item linked to the targeted launch date would follow afterwards based on their dependency item).

As an example, if a project is targeted to launch on November 1, 2021, then the date for “team kick-off meeting” should be set for 84 days prior (if using calendar days) or 60 days prior (if using workdays) which would populate August 9, 2021 in the date column.

I have seen the automations that push dates into the future, but we’re wanting to get our teams working backwards to better plan out projects to ensure all timelines are met along the way. This is essential for our business when working with multiple groups to make sure a certain team knows the risk they might be putting other groups in if they’re not meeting timelines.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions (that don’t come at an additonal cost for alternative apps, etc.), that would help us build this board/workflow?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @ClaireM-HD

This can be done using the dependency column on a project board. You can essentially set all the tasks up in a template. Unfortunately monday doesn’t give functionality to set a certain number of ‘days’ in past / future, but if you set up a template with the timeline column manually set to ‘n’ days before start date, then the functionality will work the same (although a little less easy to use/visualize).

see my screenshot on a test board I used:
Task 1 is set to start 22 days (16 workdays) before the start date
Task 2 is set to start 15 days (11 workdays) before the start date
Task 3 is set to start 8 days (6 workdays) before the start date

If I adjust the start date each of the Tasks will ‘Adjust’ accordingly, because of the automation set up (second screenshot).

Create the template and then each time a project comes up copy the template (either by a board or group) then adjust the start date and you should be in business :smiley:

Hope that helps!