Adjust project due dates

I’m interested in creating a project template where the tasks’ due dates automatically adjust to the due date of the project.

For example: A project is due on 15/3/2021. We have some tasks we would like completed 10 weeks prior, some tasks 8 weeks prior, some 2 weeks prior, and some a few days prior. Since we have this project 3-4 times a month, we’d like to be able to just change a project template’s due date and have the date of the tasks automatically adjust.

Also, to show the critical path of every project.

Hi @V-Marie. Have you checked on utilizing dependency columns in your board?


Basically, every item (task) date on your board can then be connected to another items date.

When you create a template based off a board with dependencies, the connections are retained to the next board. Adjusting the top (dependent) date should cascade to the lower tasks.

Does this look like a reasonable solution?


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