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We are a theatre setting up show boards. Some of our dates are dependent on the start of the project (send contract, get deposit, set up event), and some are based upon the end of the project / the performance date (ie: put out poster, do facebook ad, buy advertising). Can we enter a start and end date, and have some task dependent on the start, and some on the end? We want to set rules in a template and then when we create a show board from template, we want to then enter the start & end date, and monday will put in the due dates for the rest of the tasks using the rules we have set. We have multiple users, each assigned to different tasks.

Hey Maria,

Had you explored our dedicated dependencies feature? It sounds like this could certainly help with what you’re looking to setup, especially if you’re interested in saving the board as a template to then input new dates into. If you have item dependencies set up in your template, all you would need to do is adjust the dates accordingly, ensuring you’ve set up the correct dependency type :slight_smile:

Let me know if this makes sense!

Hi Bianca - I think we have treid this, but perhaps dont understand it full. I have a team member who has been more involved in our monday.com setup. Can I get you on the phone with us today for a few minutes and you explain more?

At this point we are looking to use a different software package if we cant figure this out, so I’d appreciate some help from monday…

Thank you, Marcia - my cell is 226-668-8794

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Bianca? Can we please get on a call?

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Hey Marcia, apologies I’ve been OOO over our weekend!

I have sent you a private message :pray: