Event Planning and Automatic Deadlines

Hello! I am hoping to create a template for a reoccurring event that we have that includes reoccurring tasks and due dates. I would like to be able to create one template that I can duplicate repeatedly and have the task due dates auto-populate when I add in the event date.
Ex. Template:
Book venue - 1 month before event date
Order Catering - 2 weeks before event date
Confirm RSVPs - 1 week before event date
Complete catering invoice - 1 day after event date

When copied and event date added:
Event BBB on 1/31/24
Book venue -12/31/23
Order Catering - 1/17/24
Confirm RSVPs -1/24/24
Complete catering invoice -2/1/24

Any suggestions on how to successfully do this? I would like to create templates for larger more complex events but do not want to have to fill in the dates for each task, every time.

Tips and tricks are appreciated!

Hey Lauren!

It sounds like the dependencies could be super helpful for auto-populating the due dates based on the event date!

In your template board, you’ll want to set up dates in both of those date columns so that the dependency can read the “rule” (i.e. how many days or months always need to be between the dates) and then it will be able to apply the same logic when you change the dates to reflect a different event in a board created from that template.

Does this make sense? :blush: Let me know what you think!