Ability to create task list due dates automatically?

My use case is to have a project template that manages tasks from contract signing to an event taking place. Some tasks need to occur X days after contract signing and some tasks need to take place x days before the event. I am ok with entering the 1-2 key dates but would then want the remainder of the 30+ items to automatically generate due dates based on the entered dates. I’ve seen this is possible using formulas but then they aren’t actually “dates” that show up items in users work. Can anyone provide some insight?

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hi @bwall244

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This looks like the need for project planning with different dependencies (forward planning and backward planning). The app “Scheduler Pro” from our partner Work Perfect can do this and also support configurable workdays, blackout holidays and lead/lag times.

Hi @bwall244 ,

I think you could do this by setting up multiple date columns, and using an automation so that when status changes, you set the start date, and push the other dates by x # of days.

This wouldn’t automatically update if you changed the initial start date (those options are when date arrives, X days before date arrives, or when date passes), but you could trip the status again if there was an update.

Essentially you would have an automation chain that moved them all around. You could trigger that based on item creation, a status change, or related to a date (arrival, pass, or x days before with the “When Date Arrives” condition)

Hope this helps!