Changing dates if a date range is modified


Can’t seem to come across a solution for this:

We’re using a template to manage various projects. Each project has it’s own board using the template.

Start dates for these boards are different, hence follow different timelines.

I want to know how to automatically populate dates once a start date is set.

IE if I change the first date in the below image, I want the following dates to change in accordance to the set duration and follow a +1 day formula.


Hey Alex,

I am not sure if you already have dependencies set up, but I think this might help you here… especially if you’d like to create that waterfall effect once you’d adjust the date in the initial item.

With the dependency set, the dependent item will adjust automatically based on the set duration as well as when there’s a change in the item it’s dependent on.

Let me know if this makes sense :slight_smile: