Change a contingent item's start and end date when the end date for the precedent item is adjusted to an earlier date

Assume I have just two items and item 2 is dependent on item 1’s completion. How can I have the start and end date for item 2 automatically adjust (forward or backward) based on changes made to the end date for item 1?

I submitted this same question using the online help form twice and received two answers. The first informed me it wasn’t possible for adjusting a date earlier in time; the second second informed me it was possible but he’d need to reply to me “by noon.” That was almost three days ago and I haven’t heard back.

I know how to use a dependency automation to adjust the start date of item 2 if the end date for item 1 is extended; however, I can’t get items 2’s start date to adjust earlier in time when item 1’s end date is adjusted to an earlier date.

I am open to complex work-arounds as long as once set up, I can reply on it to update items’ start and end dates based on the precedent item. Has anyone cracked this egg?


Hey @Gregarious, thanks so much for posting about this!

First of all, I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t receive a reply from our support team. If you’re open to it, you can send me a private message with your email address, which I’ll use to locate the email thread and make sure you get a follow up response.

If you use this automation, it will indeed adjust the dependency date earlier:

Did you try this and it didn’t work? If so I’d love to see a screenshot of your set up and learn more about what happens when you adjust item 1’s end date earlier. What do you think?