Change timeline when dependent items rolls back earlier

There’s already a function that pushes back the timeline start date of an Item after the dependency item’s end date. But sometimes the dependency items can also finish earlier, which means the timeline for the next item should also start earlier. Is there a way to program the dependency automation to both push back the start date later than it’s dependency item’s end date, while also changing the start date of an item if the dependency’s item finishes earlier than its end date?

@christianPE welcome to the Monday community! Great Question, I just came across this the other day, and monday has made it easy to do what you are asking. you can change the automation for the dependency column to ‘reflect all changes’

After you have created your dependency column you just go into the automation center, delete the automation that is created by default and then add the dependency automation that reads like this:

Note you have to delete the automation created by default as monday won’t allow you to create 2 dependency automations on the same column (for decidedly wise reasons :smiley: )

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love it, works great.

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