Take the end date as the new start date in the next item

I have an end date and a start date column.
Is it possible that if someone picks the start date in the first item of the board, that it takes the end date (already calculated by days until) and puts it as start date in the next item (item already existing)?

So if a team member can create my board from a template and just has to choose the start date and the rest gets filled via automations.
I hope someone has a solution for this :slight_smile:

hi @Leohu

Welcome to the community! Have you had a look at the dependency column? That would do exactly that. If you need more functionality (like backward planning, lag etc) we almost finished an app that will be called Advanced Dependency Planning.

Hi @basdebruin
I already use the dependency for a timeline in the same board and I don’t know if the board works with 2.
I already tried: ensure that “start date” of an item always starts after the date of its dependent on item.
Maybe the problem is that this automation takes the start date in the item and not the end date.
I’ll try playing around with this.
Thanks for the input : )

Maybe if i create something like:
when status arrives set “start date” to today.
-then it calculates the days to end date and I have both.

e.g. as soon as the board user sets status from on hold to working it creates an end date.
So now I only need an option to set the end and start date in a timeline, i tried it with this

solution but it hasn’t really worked the way I wanted. Maybe I’ll use the app. -after I found my date workaround.

also this could be the problem, for the dependency to work everything has to be filled out.

Yes, the default dependencies in monday are a little weird. Therefore we are working on a new app. A short Loom video for that one can be found here Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Thank you! I’ll definitely try the app when it’s fully ready. For now I’ll try to work with the tools monday provides.
Kind Regards