Timeline changes after selecting start and end dates

I’m trialing monday.com. I’ve set up a board and added a timeline column. Every time I add start and end dates to a timeline, it changes it to a different set of dates. I set up a completely new board in case I was doing something wrong. It did the same thing. How do I get the timeline to stick to the dates I add?

Hi @meaphotography :wave:

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In most cases when this happens it is due to an automation set up on the board.
Can you please take a look and see if this is the case?
You can find your automations via the Automation button at the top of the board:

If there is an automation set up, you can disable it from this screen.

If this is not the case, you may have a default value set up - this would automatically ascribe a date to the timeline column whenever you create an item.
You can check this via the icon highlighted below:

This will load a pop up that will show you any default values set up for the board.
If there is something in the timeline field, you can delete this to prevent it from happening.

If neither of these solve the issue, I’d love to take a further look into this.
Would you be able to set up a test board and then record this behaviour in action?

You can use the online tool useloom.com to record for free and then send me a link :slight_smile: