Dependent Items is not flowing date

Hello I followed the advice from Change timeline when dependent items rolls back earlier - #2 by timlittletech. To have my dependent items dates flow. I believe I followed the instructions correctly but nothing I do will flow the dates.

Hey @nharviel I think you have it setup properly, but the video is missing the part where you actually trigger the automation and change the timeline.

With your current setup try to see what happens when you change the timeline of ‘test 1’ - it should trigger the other items to shift dates as well.

@timlittletech I just tested this and have a screen recording showing the results. you can see that the dates do change but they are all being set to the 27th April. Let me know if you have any other questions.

it appears to behave as expected.
Looks like you have an automation to adjust timline based on actual completed date.
And then when timeline changes end date changes. it pushes the start date of the dependent item back two days.

Its recoginizing that you finished early, so its pushing up the dependent items to be earlier as well.

What are you expecting it to do? may need to use only a date column to achieve, or update the automation from the ‘actual end date’ column.

I believe I have found a workaround, I am now using both of the following automations to. It appears to be working as expected now but I will update this post if I have any other issues or if someone sees something else I can do that would be greatly appreciated.