Setting Dependency Dates in Reverse

Okay, our team is a bit lost on what columns to pin down for a new board. We have a board that we are going to use to launch new products. The last pulse is the date to go live and the pulses above are the steps that have to happen before.

We know we have to add the dependency column to get the relationships set up. However, we’re a bit unsure if we need to use the formula column or find a workaround of automations to get the dates set to X # of days before the dependent pulse.

Anyone out there doing something like this that could share their solution? Thx

@Krishele - Hi Krishele, did you ever receive any feedback on this or work it out? I’m keen to get this functionality too. Many thanks. Mike

No sadly not, sorry.


It is actually less complicated to set this up than you think.

  1. Make sure that all dependancies are set to the last item “Go live”. This is important because you do not want the whole plan to keep moving around in you change one deadline in the middle. The Go live should command all other deadlines as that is the relevant date.
  2. Do a template. Choose whichever Go live date that you want, doesnt matter. Set all the other deadlines as if it was a real project that had to Go live at the date you choosen. What you have effectively done is you have set Go Live + X amount of days. But you are displaying it as a date.
  3. Next time you have a new project. Use the template. Set the Go Live and all other dates will change accordingly in relevant amount of days.


Thanks for the suggestion @Thomas-Omnitas. You’ve mentioned Go Live + X amount of Days. However I’m after Go Live - X amount of days for the first task and then the consecutive tasks are X amount of days after the previous task is completed.

Same way of solving the situation. Just build your dependencies accordingly and set your fake dates to represent your + or - amount of days from other days.

Cool thanks will give it a try @Thomas-Omnitas

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Hi @Thomas-Omnitas, I’m struggling with this (fairly new user), could you give me a little more guidance please? Thanks, Mike

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@Thomas-Omnitas thanks for the mention!

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Thanks Again Aaron

Where you able to figure this out? What I can tell from Thomas’ instructions it still does a forward push rather than reverse.

No, unfortunately, I was never able to come up with a reverse dependency option.

Hey @Krishele! Have you tried using this automation?

It should adjust your dates forward or backwards—let me know what you think and if I’m understanding the issue correctly!