Whole board due dates dependent on 1 date

I’m looking to make the due date for every task a certain # of workdays before or after 1 master due date. The master due date changes frequently. Each date would automatically change based on the master date change. For example, I want the due date for writing a blog due 20 workdays before the master due date of launching the campaign.

In Google sheets, this is possible using this formula. =WORKDAY( overall due date,-20)

Thanks! Cheers!

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Same here. My use case is in HR. I know the person I am hiring is supposed to start on a specific date. Say, August 1st. It should be possible to set August 1st as master due date and then calculate due dates for everything else from there. For example, when the person starts on August 1st, I know that he/she should sign his/her contract by July 15th. And so forth. Clearly, this would be very easy to do in Excel, so it should also work on Monday?!