Is there an app to show all of an Item's columns as a tab of the Item view?

Hello all! I am wondering if there is an app to show all of an Item’s columns in a tab of the Item view. So basically, if I click an Item on the board and the side panel with Updates appears, I would like to be able to have a tab that shows all of the columns at a glance without having to scroll all the way over. Is there an app that does this?

When I was on Wrike, I could click a task/Item or subtask/subitem, and it showed all of the “custom fields” (columns) as a compact section of the main Item/Updates area.



There is the item card widget.

Hope this helps

There is no app that can show all of an item’s columns in a tab of the item view. However, there are a few workarounds that you can use.

One workaround is to use the Item Card widget. The Item Card widget displays all of the columns on your board at a glance, so you can easily see all of the information for an item without having to scroll.

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