Is there anywhere to see board duplication history?

Hi - We have a large board the entire team uses for project planning. This board has some mirrored columns that we use to reflect information from various individual boards.

The problem is that people occasionally want to try something on their own and they duplicate this big board. Although good intentioned, this breaks a bunch of our mirrored columns on the original board because now there’s a new board with new permissions and Monday defaults to the most restrictive permission on these connected items.

This duplication action does not seem to show in the history for the main board. This makes things very annoying to track down when this happens. We basically have to put out a call and hope someone comes forward. It would be great to disallow duplicating of certain boards, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

Is there anywhere we can see the history of board duplication so we can at least track this issue down more efficiently?

If youre on an enterprise account there is the Content Directory which will let you see all of the boards, even private ones. You may be able to spot them that way.

That said, I’ve seen in the upper right corner, when you click the board name - an indication of what boards are connected that are private and causing issues that might help finding it.

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