Is Time Tracking only during work hours possible?


Is there a way to limit time tracking to only business hours?

We’re using Monday for manufacturing tasks, and want to see how long each each phase tasks. Is there a way to track just the time it takes during business hours? For example, from 5pm to 9am we’d want to pause the tracking as well as on the weekends. Then when work starts again, have the tracker run.

Has someone got back at you with your query? I am trying to do the same thing.

Any automation or app needed to run this?

Still seems to eb no response form folks on this, I am trying to create an automation but no tools there seems to allow for this

there is an Every Time Period kick start command in automations. It makes you think you can state a start and stop in two automations for business hours:

  • Everyday at 8am do this
  • Time Track [start or stop] is not a follow up option
  • Only Notify, Create Item, Duplicate Group or Create Group are options

Ideally you want:

  • Every day at 8am start Time Tracker only if status Is [insert] and day is not Saturday or Sunday
  • Every day at 5pm stop Time Tracker only if status Is [insert] and day is not Saturday or Sunday

How do we get more upvotes here? Tracking business hours is a pretty critical element for SLAs.

Whether there’s a formal way of handling this or simply extending the time functions inside a Formula column (i.e. you can create a formula in Excel to calculate business hours based on two timestamps), we need a way of tracking and measuring time in business hours.

I came here with the same problem and it looks like its been 1 year since this was flagged but we don’t have a workaround or a solution for this.

@monday-team Could you please have a look at this?


I replied to a different thread and they are trying to find a formula, possibly add some feedback there as an agent said they are discussing possibilities with their team: Time Tracking - Column Summary - #17 by BiancaT

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To see how long each each phase tasks try Time in Status app which helps to track time the Item has spent in each workflow status easily. So you can monitor how fast the Item moves between statuses.
You’ll get user-friendly data on the board in a few seconds.

With our app you can easily manage Work Calendars to track just the time it takes during business hours

Also you will be able to track how much time your issue spends in each status and much more by generating:

:chart_with_upwards_trend: And use charts to visualize your reports a sample of a certain number according to time range/item range, or a single item:

  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Area Charts

The app is also available in the format of board integration.

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