Issue with Mapps Functionality Using Different API Key Across Accounts

Hello Support(Matias <. 3),

I’ve recently encountered a problem when trying to utilize the maps functionality within your platform using an API key from a different Monday account than the original(First Client). This change has led to unexpected behaviors within my Command Line Interface (CLI), which I believe are bugs that need your attention.

Details of the Issue:

  1. Maps Tunnel Error: After updating to a new API key from a different account, when I execute the command maps tunnel, I encounter an error that exits with code 1. Below is the command I used and the error message:
mapps tunnel:create -p 8080
✔ Fetching tunnel connection auth token
✖ Failed to create tunnel connection.
  1. Maps Code Push Error: Similarly, when attempting to use maps code push, I receive an error indicating an unexpected issue communicating with the remote server, despite the fact that my apps exist and I’m using standard options from the CLI. Here’s the error:
(base) ➜  quickstart-integrations-monday-code git:(master) mapps code:push            
? Select an app 10143900 | Text To Location
? Select an app version 10227574 | v2 | Text To Location | draft
✔ Build asset to deploy
✖ Unexpected error occurred while communicating with the remote server

Successful Tunneling with Specific Parameters:

Interestingly, when I specify all parameters of my app, including the port and the app ID, I can successfully run maps tunnel. This leads me to believe there’s an issue with how the CLI handles these operations under certain conditions. Here’s the command that works:

(base) ➜  quickstart-integrations-monday-code git:(master) mapps tunnel:create -p 8080 -a 10143911
✔ Fetching tunnel connection auth token
✔ Creating tunnel connection
⠏ Tunnel is up and running
  › Connection established at: --> forwarding traffic to:
    Terminate this process to close the tunnel connection
  1. Reinitializing Maps: I have tried running maps init multiple times to ensure that the setup is correct and to see if reinitialization could solve the problem. Unfortunately, this step did not rectify the issue.

  2. Uninstalling and Reinstalling Maps: To further diagnose and potentially fix the errors, I uninstalled and then reinstalled the Maps CLI tools, hoping that a fresh install might clear up any inconsistencies or problems related to the change in API keys. Despite these efforts, the problem persists.

  3. npm Cache
    I also attempted to clean the npm cache with the hope that it might resolve any lingering issues related to package installation or corruption. This was done with the intention of ensuring that there were no cache-related problems affecting the Maps CLI functionality


This issue prevents me from deploying my apps through the CLI as I normally would. It seems to be related to the use of a different API key/account, but the exact cause is unclear.


Could you please investigate this issue? I suspect it might be related to the account change or perhaps a bug within the CLI’s handling of different API keys. Any guidance or workaround would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

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