Issues with beta automation - match and add/overwrite item in connected board

I recently discovered the Beta automation that allows you to overwrite or add an item in another board when certain criteria are met. I realise it’s a Beta automation and therefore some flaws are to be expected, just wondering if I have understood this automation and if others are encountering the same issues.

The main bugs I’ve seen with it so far are that automation activity (at least for me) isn’t working for this automation so unless there is an obvious change, it’s hard to tell if it even fired. Adding to the confusion, when I tested the “add new item” action/version, it did not add another item in the connected board.
Hard to say if the “replace item” version is working - it didn’t replace the item name when I set the matching criteria to date, if I set the replacing criteria to name then the names are already identical if the automation was to fire so no way to tell if the automation has actually done anything (without automation activity).

Also, am I right in thinking that the only values that the automation will ever overwrite is the item name? As it would be difficult to know what columns to overwrite with what other columns unless the user was able to specify/match appropriate columns. For example, I imagine the automation won’t be able to overwrite identically named status or date or text columns. Does anyone know if this assumption of mine is correct?

And if my assumption is correct, it begs the question - what is the difference in end result between this automation and the “create item and connect boards” automation?

Hopefully my questions make sense and somebody can enlighten me…

Update; I figured out why automation activity wasn’t showing - had set one board to Private and this seems to be the issue, now sorted.
However, the automation still only seems to fire every now and again and has not once added a new item even when set to “add new item” instead of replace.
Has anyone else had more success than me with this automation?

Additionally, automation doesn’t seem to like using a pre-existing 2 way connected board column to do it’s thing, and if the automation creates the connected board column it defaults to one way…