Item Card Field Descriptions

Tool: Item Card
Widget: Information
Need: Display the associated description for the field. I have added helpful descriptions to our fields which would expedite workflow if users could see those descriptions while in the Item Card.

Hey Lita!

Can you let me know if the existing feature request is in line with your goal here? Are you currently using text columns as the description for the item?

Let me know :pray:

Hi Bianca!
No, my post is different from Shelby’s. My post is requesting that you be able to see the field descriptions (the little information circle descriptions you can attach to a field that gives users more context about the intent behind the field) while you’re in an item card. Currently you only see the field title, and when you hover over the title, the description doesn’t appear.

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Thanks so much for clarifying - totally hear where you’re coming from! Will leave this request as is for our community to vote on :slight_smile:

You could create a form view for data entry, as you can add descriptions below the column title.

Thanks for the idea Kate :slight_smile: A form won’t work in our example, we have a tracker built in the item card using widgets that include 30+ fields - we need to refer to it often to update the various items we’re tracking so we rely on the item card for an item, often for many months.