"Item/Subitem Directly Above/Below" automation

I do a lot of work with subitems that sit in a specific order. I would very much like to trigger automations that base themselves upon items one row above or one row below. For example, when I change a Date, I might want to set the date directly below to 7 days later. Or change the status, etc., or pull text from it.

Hey @AlexTechnical!

Had you explored our dependencies feature? I ask this as we have a couple of automations that sound relevant to what you’re looking to achieve:

Whilst I recognise there are a limited number of recipes available at this time, I wonder if this could for you in the meantime? :blush:

Thanks Bianca! The problem I have with dependencies is setting them up. Each item has anywhere from 4 to 12 subitems and they differ per item. When I go to connect the dependencies, I’m given a list of every single subitem in the entire board. It’s time/effort prohibitive to set up.

Is there a way to, in one move, say “Make each subitem dependent on the one above it”?